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Corporate Profile
Chongqing Institute of optical and electrical   machinery submarine built in 1985, is engaged in oil purification and   regeneration of Technology, developed andequipment national high-tech   enterprises. Five countries have made the franchise, the seventh of China's new   technologies, new products Expo Gold Medal, the State Science and Technology   Commission as state-level new products.
                 Adhere to the "quality-oriented"   product concept, product quality and reliable, advanced technology, production   well-detection means complete. To provide a more advanced users   practicalequipment thousands of the customers reputation.
                 ZYA-500   super-sized two-stage vacuum, Liaohe Oilfield, Lanzhou Petrochemical, Tianjin   Dagang Oilfield, Henan million-based applications such as Alcoa success. The   aircraft can effectively removing moisture in the oil, gas and impurities to   ensure that the acetylene and hydrogen zero, by the 110 KV - 500KV Transmission   and Distribution Equipment users welcome.
                 DL latest invention of the   electronic, cleanliness than new clean 12 times the oil, but also in the   removal of water and oil emulsion - like "water - in-oil" for the purification   of hydraulic oil, transformer oil, turbine oil , rolling oil, oil, oil-film   bearings, providing a new way to purify.
                 The newly developed electronic   strengthen separation vacuum, covers not only the ordinary vacuumthe   general advantages, while achieving high precision filtering. Meet the 750 KV   transformer oil above UHV requirements, cleanliness of NAS: 0 ~ 2. A   high-gradeupgrading and restructuring product.
                 Have access to "top 10   private enterprises in Chongqing", "" outstanding high-tech enterprises,   "outstanding private enterprises", "top 50 private enterprises", "outstanding   corporate tax" honor.


In 1985, a turning point in my life, to lay down   their coach, from the rostrum, I set up the high-tech enterprises - the   Chongqing Institute of submarine optical and electrical machinery, not from   embark on a flat, but extremely challenging venture road.
                 For more than 20   years, we have engaged intechnology and equipment research and development,   technological advances for the industry contributed humble way, hard struggle   enterprises witnessed the footsteps of a profound appreciation for the   challenges and enormous market potential.
                 To the boundless sea, both risks   and opportunities, hopes and difficulties. Development is the last word, only   innovation can make progress. We are creating miracles, the demand as a target,   as an ideal into a reality and look to the future and meet the challenge.
                 Honor, flowers and applause has become the past, the take-off is no longer a   dream. "Submersible light" web site will once again hoist the submarine optical   cause of sailing, and you work togethertomorrow's brilliant.

5d257ed41982c.png      Director:Luo solid matter

Corporate culture
                 Produce principle: Regard  quantity as foundation.
                 Management principle: thoroughly  according to the customers and by the market demands.                  
                 Service principle: top  quality, high efficiency.

Enterprise Honors

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